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Zalla Media
NKY'S Premier Digital Billboard

Zalla Media provides the first I75/I71 Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky HD Billboard  as you head south from Cincinnati, Ohio. Geopath Rated with over 605K Views Per Week! 

What We Do Best. Drive Results. 

Local & National Marketers alike want one thing, revenue driving behavior. The Zalla Media Billboard is the first north facing billboard as you enter Kentucky on the I71-I75 corridor. Whether you’re trying to attract visitors as they head south or trying to deliver new faces to your door here in the region, we have a solution to meet your needs. 



Billboard Media. Done Right.

Zalla Media is more than a digital billboard that has millions of views per year, we are a team that brings design, consultation and a expertise to help make your billboard effective. We customize solutions for businesses and media planners alike. We provide solutions for programmatic purchasing and seasonal buyers as well. Let us help make your billboard purchasing experience the easiest and most effective of all of your media spends . Reach out and we’ll help design the solution that best meets needs.


Digital billboards are flexible media spaces. They allow you to use messaging based on time of day (dayparting), weather and current events to cater your message to your customer.


We’ve done this thousands of times. Seriously. This means that we get to bring our experience to your media planning. Whether it is design, testing or best practices – we’ve been there, done that.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our billboard advertisement has been the best media spend of the year. It allows us to test messaging, cater to the season and it’s close to our business. Our customers tell us all the time they see it. Great stuff.

Marty B.

Theatre House

Zalla Media has been a consistent partner through the year. Doing both seasonal and evergreen advertising. Nothing is like hearing a customer say, “we saw your billboard”.

Sheli K.

Behle Street by Sheli

We continue to use the Zalla Media billboard to compliment our media spends throughout the year. Their flexibility allows solutions that meet our regular media spends and last minute needs as well.

Lauren A.

Recker and Boerger

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